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Laide & O’ Brien: Specialists in Suspended Ceilings

We provide a wide range of ceiling designs to spaces for all kinds of functions. Our work takes us to:

  • Offices
  • Schools and colleges
  • Shopping centres
  • Restaurants
  • Sports
  • Conference centres
  • Concert halls
  • Museums
  • Clinics
  • Airports

…essentially spaces for every type of function!

Our range of modern ceiling designs can be adapted to suit the needs of your space and we are confident we have the perfect design for you in our range. Why not give us a call to discuss everything?

The Benefits of Suspended Ceilings

While it may not be obvious at first, a ceiling can make or break any space and have a major impact on how an entire space is perceived. For example, a carefully designed ceiling can make a smaller space appear larger and more open. People are generally happier and more productive in spaces more open and an appropriately designed ceiling plays an important role in this.

It is also worth considering that suspended ceilings make it easier to replace tiles within the existing grid. Furthermore, they are an ideal medium for easy installation of lighting, speakers, cameras, and sprinkler systems.

Is the quality of the acoustics a high priority in your space? If so, suspended ceilings are the obvious choice. This is because they provide far superior acoustics to the alternatives, and for this reason they have become an essential part of modern life within medical, industrial, office, and retail environments.

Moreover, they are recyclable and comply with all environmental planning requirements and they are far more cost effective than the solid plasterboard ceiling alternative. Be assured that with Laide & O’ Brien, they are fast, clean and easy to install.

Our Range of Suspended Ceilings

Laide & O’ Brien offers suspended ceiling systems for every building type and every design request.

  • Mineral Fibre
  • Metal
  • Rock and Glass Fibre
  • Wood
  • PvC
  • Planks

If you have any questions about the selection of our ceilings, please get in touch on email at info@lob.ie or call 087-6235361.


  • Laide & O’ Brien were contracted by Bushmount Nursing Home in Clonakilty Co. Cork to build two major extensions between 2011 and 2015.

    The first extension was an 18 bed 5000 sq. ft extension and the second build was a 26 bed 7000 sq. ft extension. They were complex and complicated builds as they had to be completed without affecting the operation of the existing nursing home.

    Both projects came in on time, to specification, and on budget and the quality of the workmanship was first class. What impressed me most was John and Cillian’s commitment to putting the client first and ensuring the residents of our nursing home were not disturbed during the build. Laide & O’ Brien are very much customer focused and they at all times strived to ensure that my requirements and objectives ...More

    • Bushmount Nursing Home
    • Sean Collins
      Bushmount Nursing Home
  • Laide & O'Brien completed a fit-out contract on the Sustaining Operations Facility building for P J Hegartys on the MSD Pharmaceutical campus in Carlow during the summer of 2015. MSD is a leader in the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland and demand the highest standards and safety is the number one priority in MSD.

    Laide & O'Brien bought into and augmented the safety regime on site and must be complimented for their efforts. This project was valued at over six million euro and was completed without a single accident.

    The building consisted of offices, kitchen, canteen, training rooms and ancillary service areas. Their work contract included partitions, ceilings, fire protection and joinery works.
    From the start, having tendered competitively for the contract, they assisted with both ...More

    • Contracts Manager, P J Hegarty & Sons
    • Anthony O Mahony
      Contracts Manager, P J Hegarty & Sons
  • Laide & O'Brien built our house in Clonakilty in 2015. We went to tender with 5 builders and they provided the most detailed and transparent bid as well as a very competitive price. It was clear from the start that the standard of build was going to be exceptional and during the build we learned that their standards were even higher than our own.

    A build is a complex process with many parties involved, however we engaged Laide & O'Brien to manage all subcontractors and they made it look easy. They never approached us with a problem, they simply informed us when issues arose and advised us of the solution they had already prepared. As we both work full time and have two small kids this was a huge bonus for us. Working with them was an absolute pleasure and we knew our dream home was in g...More

    • Derek & Orla Gallagher, Clonakilty
    • Derek Gallagher
      Derek & Orla Gallagher, Clonakilty

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